What is Cooperative Housing

The best way to describe cooperative housing is, in two words, a family atmosphere. It is a cost effective way to live and provides social, philanthropic, and leadership opportunities. With 12 houses, 7 women's and 5 men's, we form a family of nearly 400 members. Each house and the governing council are student run which provides the student with the autonomy to learn and develop new skills. We have faculty advisors and staff members that work with our students to help make them more successful as well. Overall, the Cooperative System provides opportunities for leadership and personal development in an enriching and positive environment.

What is recruitment

Recruitment is the new member selection process that occurs in conjunction with the entire cooperative system. Recruitment takes place during two weekends at the beginning of second semester. During recruitment, you will have the opportunity to visit each of the houses in the cooperative system, learn more about the system as a whole, and interview at the house or houses in which you are interested. Following recruitment, houses send out bids to recruits. If you receive a bid from a house and accept it, you are a member of their next year’s pledge class! For more detailed information click here.

What is New Membership

New membership is our program in which each member learns about Gemini, our history, our purpose, and all of the current active members of the house. New Membership is a time of growth and memories where you bond with all the members of the house and learn what it takes to make the house tick. During your first semester living in the house, you will meet and become friends with members of all the other cooperative houses, and create friendships that will last forever.

How far is Gemini from Campus

Gemini is 3 blocks from campus, it is a 5 minute walk to the east side of campus. We are located near Chauncey Mall and the Levee, which provides a great location for a balance of proximity to campus and entertainment.

Where do I sleep?

Gemini has a convenient cold air dorm (CAD) available to everybody, however, you are not required to sleep there as many members choose to sleep in their rooms.